Corporate events


Corporate parties are an integral part of the activities of any successful company. Such festive event is just absolutely necessary to create a favorable atmosphere in the working collective or make new acquaintances within a big corporation. A smart executive realizes the necessity of the company’s development, including the employees’ smooth working that plays far from the least role in such development. The best scenario for team-building is a corporate party.

Should the need arise, we are able to organize a non-typical corporate party, which will be a themed party. The themed corporate party may present you with numerous positive emotions and unforgettable impressions. It should be pointed out that our services will be rendered at the highest level possible due to a team of professionals and a wonderful place set up for the party: a boat moored to the shore of Dnieper. We organize such festive events on any scale and within the shortest period of time: you will enjoy a comfortable environment, live music, the most delicious food and beverages, spacious dance floor, professional entertainers and many other things.

Where can a corporate party be held in Kyiv ?

Sooner or later, the company’s executive is faced with the issue: where can a corporate party be held in Kyiv? It should be pointed out that the places should be chosen in order to guarantee a long-lasting festive event, rather than a trivial party. The issue of the corporate party’s cost is not of minor importance, and such cost includes the premises lease, dishes and beverages to be offered, services to be rendered by the personnel, etc.

To order the corporate party’s full services package at the restaurant Disco Radio Hall means that you will resolve all issues pertaining to the corporate party at one dash. It should be emphasized that despite the highest level of organization, our prices are quite affordable not only for major companies, but also for tight-knit groups of employees from small companies.

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