Karaoke bar



You enjoy singing and all your life have been dreaming of making performances on stage and singing, surrounded by other persons, don’t you? Then, karaoke club of Disco Radio Hall is intended just for you. Comfortable environment, the best of equipment, favorite songs – here, you may find everything to have the unforgettable karaoke-party. What if you are indeed gifted, though too shy to demonstrate your gift to the others? You should know that we have here the friendliest public in Kyiv, if not in Ukraine. For this very reason, you should not be afraid to start and by no means should you shelve your dream: let us assure you that, no matter what your vocal abilities are, you will definitely have a lot of fun and incredible long-lasting feelings.

The professional equipment applied by us will satisfy the most demanding musician; for this very reason, our karaoke-parties are often attended by famous musicians. We have been conducting one of the best karaoke-disco-party that may be offered in our megalopolis. It should be also emphasized that our prices are very moderate and may be acceptable even in the instances of the most economical budgets. Should you take interest in the karaoke-parties, you may find all useful information on our site or during telephone conversation if you call at the numbers specified on the site. Our karaoke-bar is happy to entertain each visitor and guarantees breath-taking leisure-time and excellent mood!

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