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Is there any other thing that is more interesting and exciting than attending a fancy party? It will suffice to see the photoreports by the Kyiv night clubs in order to realize how diversified and joyful the city’s night life can be.

Now imagine, that such photoreport is prepared by the capital’s best club, Disco Radio Hall! We have been conducting the most amazing parties and such parties’ photoreports may be seen in the present section. It was not incidentally that we called our club Disco Radio Hall – in no other place whatsoever can one find such 80-s parties. It should be also emphasized that we have been operating according to the unique concept of radio format implying regular breath-taking disco-parties held together with the leading radio stations in Ukraine.

As a rule, the photos made in night clubs reflect their mood, to a certain extent, though the night club’s environment may be felt only by its guests.

Nevertheless, prior to choosing an entertainment place, one should understand the goal to be attained. First of all, one may be interested in getting new impressions, then, dancing at a go-go-party, and thirdly, making new acquaintances, etc. If you see the photoreports prepared by Disco Radio Hall, you will realize that our club includes not only the elements referred to above, we are notable for a lot of other aspects that we offer. Spacious dance floor, the best of DJs, comfortable friendly environment, unspeakably warm atmosphere, cheerful and extraordinary guests, wonderful bar, exquisite interior, cozy tables – this is far from being the complete list of advantages for which our night club is famous. The photos available on our site do reflect, to a certain extent, how much effort is made by our organizers to ensure that each visitor gets the powerful charge of excitement and relaxation. This is the environment that suits best for making new interesting acquaintances. Our party photoreports may enable one to notice: everyone who visits our place is afforded an opportunity to leave concerns behind and dive into the sea of entertainment.